Q. What are the additional prices of the activities of SOAR NWA?

A. Please make sure you bring cash for various activities. We will have an ATM at the Air Museum.

  • Tethered Balloon Rides * WEATHER PERMITTING | $25 Adults , $15 (14 & Under)

  • Helicopter Rides | $20 ALL AGES


  • Arkansas Air Museum Pancake Breakfast | $10

  • Kid Zone Virtual Reality | $5

  • Kid Zone Escape Room | $10

  • Kid Zone Face Painting | Ranging from $2-$10

Q. Can we leave SOAR NWA and come back later?

A. Have No Fear!
You will be allowed to come and go to SOAR NWA! Upon entry you will receive a hand stamp, that will allow you to enjoy SOAR NWA any time throughout the day!
(yes, we can re-stamp you before you leave as well)

Q. What is ISN’T permitted at SOAR NWA?

  • Firearms or weapons of any kind

  • Large purses - See Event Guide for sizes allowed

  • Strollers - we WILL allow small umbrella strollers

  • Chairs - we WILL allow blankets

  • Coolers

  • Briefcases

  • Backpacks

  • Mesh bags

Q. Are the tethered rides handicap or wheelchair accessible?

A. Yes. We will have a walk-in baskets to allow easier access, and our pilots would be happy to accommodate, within reason for the safety of yourself and the crew.


Q. How does a hot air balloon work?

A. If you’re familiar with the term “heat rises”, this can give a pretty good indication of how hot air balloon fly. As the propane burners heat the air inside of the balloon’s envelope, the balloon will ascend. To descend, the vent at the top of the envelope may be opened to expel the hot air, or the air may be left to cool on its own.


Q.When can balloons fly?

A. Hot air balloons may only fly during specific weather conditions. Flights will generally occur at sunrise or sunset, when the atmosphere temperatures are lower and wind speeds are the lightest. Wind speeds over 8-10 MPH are considered too dangerous for flight. Other conditions, such as thunderstorms, rain, or fog that occurs within 100 miles will ground balloon flights for safety reasons.


Q. Is the event handicap accessible, including bathrooms? 

A. YES! We have you covered, including bathrooms.

Q: Can we bring our pets to the event if they are leashed? 

A: Unfortunately we are not allowing pets this year at SOAR, so please make sure you get all of your pet cuddles in before the event.

Q: Will there be hot air balloon rides with admission tickets? It is on my bucket list! 

A: We will be having Hot Air Balloon Rides for select sponsors Saturday Morning, weather permitting. 
We will be also offering tethered rides, to all attendees, for an additional fee, at select times during the festival.

Q: Are tickets limited? 

A: Tickets are limited for the Skydiving portion of the event. With such a large venue, it is unlikely that we won't be able to accommodate everyone. If we do start to fill up to capacity prior to the event, we will make sure to post it on all our social media outlets.

Q: I plan to bring my infant, will they need a ticket?

A:Infants one & under will be free!